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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mine BURD?
No, BURD is not a mining token. BURD tokens are minted in a single token-generation event. Our hard cap will not be exceeded and no further token generation will ever occur.
Can I trade BURD at an exchange?

After the completion of our public token sale, a liquidity pool will be generated and our token will be listed on PancakeSwap (BSC) & Raydium (Solana) – and on the CoinsBit Centralised exchange where users can buy $BURD with fiat or other cryptos.

Has the $BURD token been audited?

Yes! We have been audited – both an automated audit and a line-by-line scrutiny and we have a passing score of 10 out 10!!

You can view the audit results here! 

How does cross-chain work with $BURD on Solana and BSC?

The tudaBirds metaNest is a cross-chain platform with the in-built tudaBridge. Using their internal nestBet wallet, users will be able to transfer BURD token between Solana and BSC with just a couple of clicks.

Can I stake and earn with my $BURD tokens?

After the public sale of $BURD on Solana and BSC, tudaBirds will create liquidity pools (LPs) at PancakeSwap (BSC) and Raydium (Solana). From there, staking mechanisms will be put into place on both decentralised exchanges for users to stake and earn from their $BURD holdings.

Why is the tudaBirds economic model sustainable?
Because we are not a meme coin: we are a business. tudaBirds and the BURD token are economically sustainable because we are operating a traditional business model, with services to users available for a fee. Net operating revenues will be targeted to build additional liquidity and to create staking operations, with net profits directed at maintaining token strength whilst rewarding users and holders of our token.
Where can tudaBirds NFTs be traded?

ALL NFB NFTs will be minted on BSC and Solana (50/50) and our preferred BSC and Solana marketplaces will be announced in due course, before the NFT sale occurs (planned for early February).
During Q2 2022, we intend to implement our own NFT exchange within the metaNest, with a target to enable fee-free trading.

Note that a limited selection of the Chief Bird Officer collection will remain on the Polygon chain and tradeable on OpenSea.
All NFTs will have a 7.5% royalty structure, with 2.5% redistributed to $BURD holders, 2.5% to NFB holders and 2.5% retained for metaNest operations and growth.

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