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Before You Start your metaNest VR Journey

Check below for hardware requirements: the metaverse is friendly to all of you but not so much your older hardware!

Pretty much everything applies to the VR Gallery and the VR metaNest – although the Gallery is not avatar-enabled like the VR metaNest is (except during special events).

VRmetaNest is essentially a Virtual Reality representation of our website with a few extra bits and bobs to deliver a more immersive experience – and to demonstrate where we are going and how we think!

The VR Gallery is a slimmed down version covering the NFT Gallery and the entire set of business docs… everything in the Gallery is also in the VR metaNest.
But if you are having performance issues in the main nest, the VR Gallery might work better for you!

And pretty much anything you need to know you will find below

metaNest: the scoop and the deets

Not all devices will let you access VRmetaNest so take a look below to determine if you might be able to make things work (if they aren’t)


Like everything, the faster the better .. slower connections may take longer to load

Software and Hardware

General note: slower, older models & devices with less than 8Gb RAM may struggle to load and run VRmetaNest (just like Decentraland .. but at least we run on mobiles unlike them!)

  • You need a Chromium class browser (Google Chrome or Chromium, or Brave, or Vivaldi, or others that are based on Chromium browser).
  • Remember to activate “Hardware Acceleration” for Chrome/Chrome class browsers, as follows:
  • A desktop, a notebook, or a Chromebook (better than mobile devices – and easier to cruise around the VRmetaNest!
  • A mobile device such as Android or iPad
  • iPhones: only the very latest may work… this an Apple & WebGL thing… out of our control so talk to Tim Apple (Cook 🙂 – not us!! 
  • VR headsets such as Oculus work but are optional. (Google Cardboard not currently supported)
  1. If you want to move yourself, one of the three ways:
    • use the AWSD keys, where A = move left, W = move AWAY from where you are, S = move TOWARDS you, D = move right
    • Click on the mouse and keep it pressed and move the mouse around
    • If you want to move the room, use Q and E keys to move the space to the left and right
    • clicking on the big spinning over the blue Info Zone will let you teleport back there

Holding the Shift key will help you cruise a little bit more quickly.

To save sanity and preserve dignity 🙂 Voice and Camera capabilities will be disabled for most users.

And yes, you can walk through a lot of objects .. feel free, no harm no fowl 🙂

Click on things!

Click on stuff.. sometimes nothing happens but you might just be able to 

  • zoom in and get an up-close look
  • open a link to a new tab or in a frame
  • open a link to a video
  • teleport somewhere

Always worth a try: you can’t break anything in the metaNest

Accessing the VRmetaNest : just click on the Link in the menu above

  • you do NOT need to have a dedicated account; you do NOT need to login – but if you login as a guest you can access some extra features.
  • If you want to use the Chat Feature, you DO need to login (Google, etc.) 
  • Microphone and webcam use are not enabled most of the the time
  • you do not need to download any software
  • like any webpage, the VR metaNest is open 24/7
  • There ARE restrictions, currently, of 75 active users with avatars in the place at one time and room for another 15 or so spectators
    • so when you leave the space please logout just to make sure there is room for the next user


Click on a button that looks like this on the top right hand corner:

This will bring up a box that looks like this where you just click on Custom Avatar.

  1. As you can see, the “Human” Avatar is activated here (in white on black background)
  2. You can choose the skin tone, eye colour, all the way through the hair colour and lots of fashion choices to tweak the appearance
  3. There is no save button, exiting this box will save your avatar and you will be ready to cruise the vrNest.

NOTE: our partners at FrameVR are working on this element: it may only work one directionally at times)

Even though the mic and camera are disabled for most birdies – most of the time – vrNest has a crazy cool translation chat ability.

Set it up by clicking that same icon on the top right and then “Chat Settings” as shown below.
Set both the Voice Input Language &Text Chat Translation Language to your local language 
and in the Chat Box (see the top left corner of your screen to select it)
And Finally, at the bottom of the chatbox itself (hit the down=arrow to open it) also select translate and ensure the language set matches the 2 above.

And whatever you send will be translated to the language of the other users in the chat.

This is an amazing feature for our international vrNest users and we can’t wait for it to be perfected! 
So use it as you please – but don’t complain if it isn’t always working 🙂

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