tudaBirds NFTs: the hidden extras!

Our NFT9K tudaBirds drop is coming soon… A unique offer, a unique approach: a gamified NFT drop!

A total of 9,000 unique NFTs comprising different collections and editions: first come first served but with the luck of the draw you might win big!

Specific rarities and scarcities randomly scattered through the sets of the 9K tudaBirds NFT drop – the hidden extras are that some owners may also be feathered with random unlockable content. This special content may include NFTs from the signature collection, arena Real Estate NFTs, discount vouchers for future purchase and token rewards, lottery and raffle tickets.

Additionally, all of the 9K NFTs dropped will have future utility and value within the tudaBirds arena.

And there will be special ‘set’ prize awards for users who collect one piece from each collection in the NFT 9K Drop.