tudaBirds metaNest :: Nest-shaking news

News flash from TNN: the tudaBirds News Network. The hot, new NFT and defi user earnings-focused social gaming upstart: the birds are thrilled to fly by with the following set of big announcements.

Introducing the metaNest

The tudaBirds arena is now the tudaBirds metaNest (along with an updated homepage).

Solana in the metaNest

To strategically support our users and investors across a broader base, tudaBirds have made an adjustment to the token model: 25% of our coin cap will be released on the Solana blockchain. This leaves 25% on the Binance Smart Chain and two further allotments of 25% each on two other clean, green chains, to be announced in Q1 2022 after consultation with our community.

To facilitate management of the coin cap, 75% of the already-minted supply on BSC will be sent to wallet burn address 0x00 (the tx link will be made available). Beyond that, the token model as per the tweetPaper applies without further changes.

Public sale date announced

Our target is December 8, 2021, with $BURD purchasable – on both BSC and Solana – directly via the Smart Contracts on our website as well as at PancakeSwap (BSC) and Raydium (Solana). Liquidity pools and staking mechanisms will be created on both DEXs.

Additionally, our Coinsbit listing will follow on or near December 15, 2021, for BSC tokens only. (Our Solana $BURD tokens will be listed on CoinsBit in the near future).

Solana $BURD AirDrop Campaign

Starting November 29, 2021 and running for one week, tudaBirds will run a new Solana chain AirDrop of $BURD  tokens (to maximise impact from sol users). Details coming soon!

NFT9K Drop

Our Double Bird Droppings NFT sale is (tentatively) scheduled for December 22, 2021.

 Backed.ai $BACD cross-token drop

We are finalising arrangements with Backed, our Swiss and UAE-based asset-backed security token manager, for a token air-drop ‘exchange’ (for holders of record as of December 3, 2021) to introduce and cross-pollinate our user bases.

More to Come

We have upcoming plans for both an upcoming meme contest and an NFT drop contest: watch this space for all the news from TNN (the Tuda News Network).

About tudaBirds

tudaBirds continue to be more than a little bit different from the rest. All of the details are on our homepage at tudaBirds.io: the following “four foundation feathers are part of the ethos of the birds.

tudaBirds don’t breed… they evolve: Our non-fungible Birds (NFBs) are NFT avatars which users “evolve” with NFT assets – ranging from helmets and jetpacks through to “bird-sense” earned and purchased in the metaNest, Assets can also be created and minted by user “birdSmiths” in metaNest workshops.

Users earn (and learn): we will enable true earning opportunities from adding and creating value within the metaNest ecosystem from game and NFT activities including creating. operating, promoting, moderating, creating games and trading NFT assets… and more!

66% Gaming Revenue Share: ALL holders of the $BURD token proportionally share 66% of all funds coming in for gameplay in the metaNest.

NFTs with value to all holders: 66% of NFT royalty revenues will be shared to our users: 33% to $BURD holders and 33% to NFT holders.