tudaBirds Announces CEX Listing & Some Major Updates

A CEX listing, a tech pivot, and an Open pre-sale

the great thing about flying is how easy it is to change direction!

Major Announcements from tudaBirds

* A signed deal with CoinsBit to list tudaBird on their centralized exchange
* A minor tech pivot to $BURD, hatching a new token in a new nest
* The opening of our pre-sale (and the release of our new contract)

Centralized Exchange

Just as we are about to launch the $BURD token, we are excited to announce our new partnership with CoinsBit, listed in the top largest exchanges in the ranking of CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko boasting over one million traders.

With full exchange and market making, the highly secure CoinsBit exchange also OTC services, staking services, and an upcoming decentralized exchange (DEX) facility.

Token Pivot

In support of our upcoming listing with CoinsBit, a top-75 centralized crypto exchange — and to support our growing user base, and that of CoinsBit, to enable us to rapidly drive up our numbers, by removing as many entry barriers as possible.

Our soon-to-hit-presale cryptocurrency token will be issued Binance Smart Chain. Our first round of NFBs and NFTs will still be minted on OpenSea-compatible Polygon blockchain but, we realized it was necessary to remove some barriers to ensure ease of use and access.

For dex users, there will be a transaction tax of 5% tax: 2% will be distributed to $BURD holder wallets and 3%, applied directly to our liquidity pool. We feel that this approach, across BSC and its strong, fast-growing user base, is a more accessible venue to crypto gamers and users. Lower-than-most gas fees and simplicity of use, for experienced and new users alike, leave BSC at the top of the pile.

$BURD Pre-Sale

We are also pleased to announce, along with the publication of the new token smart contract that we are opening our private and public pre-sale site as of today. With discounts for pre-sale purchasing (and a unique profit-share opportunity for private investors at a threshold), tudaBirds are excited to take this step to jump from the nest and start to fly!

We have also lowered our public pre-sale threshold to only 3000USD.

Presale Start Date: 21st October, 10:00 AM UTC
Presale End Date: 27th October, 23:59 PM UTC
Buy Now : Sale.tudabirds.io

flying upwards and onward

In short, for our users of today and tomorrow. there is little to no impact. As for our partnership with our new users on the CoinsBit centralized exchange partner, the results are the same. Easy access to defi, low gas, plenty of competitors on BSC, the home of defi gaming.

tudaBirds… tudaMoon with CoinsBit, BSC and a user base of winners!