Introducing Mazer Gamingl

Founding Streaming Gamer Network Partner

Rationale and Value of this Partnership

Mazer Gaming are the first of MANY streaming Gamer Networks that will be hosted in the metaNest

A strategic customer acquisition vehicle: tudabirds offers Gamers (and video Challengers) additional revenue steams while they offer enhanced engagement to those in their viewer base who would like to wager on their game play and challenges

metaNest secured Fair-Play Wagering on Game Streams, Challenges, Tournaments and more 

FAIR PLAY  Revenue Share Structure

Mazer Gaming Charity Even Support

metaNest User Earning for Promotion & Moderation

This partnership unlocks and delivers the full value of metaNest Virtual Game Rooms

Consistent Passive & Active Earnings Oppportunities

q3 2022
Early Flight

Finalise binary-bet API for Streaming Gamer Viewers

Cross-Project Community & Promotion

Plan the future with Mazer Gamers

q3/q4 2022+
Going Forward

Drive Mazer to Top 250 Earners Position

Acquire 10,000 new users Per Month 

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