Introducing IQ Protocol

NFB & Virtual Game Rental Utility Partner

Rent & Earn with NFB & Virtual Game Rooms

Rationale and Value of this Partnership

While we have built – and 100% own – the proprietary metaNest tech stack, our partnership with IQ Protocol enables a significant capability to our business model: our unique eggRoom Virtual Real Estate financial vehicle generate passive and active revenues for investors, gamers and users

The IQ Protocol supply of a sophisticated smart contract capability enables tudaBirds to focus on game and gamer partnerships to move forward our core business.

Holders Earn passive income by safely renting their NFBs & NFTs

Renters gain access to assets and their earnings / utility for specified time period

FAIR PLAY Landlord-Guild / Player Relationships:

Consistent Threshold-limited Passive & Active Earnings Opportunities

This partnership unlocks and delivers the full value of metaNest Virtual Game Rooms

Consistent Passive & Active Earnings Oppportunities

q3 2022
Early Flight

Integrate IQProtocol tech-stack into metaNest Backbone

Cross-Project Community & Partner Integration

Plan the future with tudaGuild members


q3/q4 2022+
Going Forward

Deliver NFT Game Room Rental Options

Plan & Deliver NFB Renting OptionsRelease Vines for Humanity Game 2

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