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whitelist whitelist

Whitelist application requires a 0.01 BNB

Binance Grant DAO Round 1 Contribution and Upvote

(at Binance partner DoraHacks Grant page)


tudaFarm Whitelist Application

Email and Telegram details

How to reach you (required fields)

Investor email inquiries regarding
NFB NFTs and BURD tokens to [email protected] 

tudaFarm FAQ

tudaFarm will operate on a First-in First-out basis

APR will be in the range of 120% ~ 285%

A minimum of 120% APR will be maintained while tudaFarm is open

Yield rewards will be earned in $BURD

Farmed tokens are subject to a 30 day lock

$BURD reward and earnings are based by time by staking wallet address: the lock period for each wallet starts from the time of the latest stake from that wallet

Available at https://metanest.tudabirds.io/farmwhitelist/

150 application limit

Participants will be given private access to the whitelist 24 hours prior to the Public

Whitelist participants will be invited to a Private Telegram update for news, updates and the 24-hour advance notice announcement

Whitelist application requires at 0.01 BNB contribution and upvote at BNB partner DoraHacks Grant page: https://dorahacks.io/buidl/1916?roundProj=1619

  1. BNB/BURD LP token
  2. BNB

BNB/BURD Investors must create BURD/BNB LP tokens for deposit into tudaFarm (see Yield Farm Help page for a video explaining how to stake and unstake LP tokens at PancakeSwap)

BNB investors: the tudaFarm system will automatically add liquidity, create LP tokens and stake them. Investors will be responsible for unstaking their LP tokens after exiting the farm.

Increased value of token

$BURD holders have passive revenue share of 66% of all earning

$BURD holders earn 1/3 of all after-market NFT trades

Project is designing a token-based Governance element for current and future games and metaNest decisions

New and forthcoming partnerships will include cross-project Token and NFT collaborations

The tudaBirds project team are in current negotiations to list on at least one more CEX with additional DEX listings also under consideration.