eggrooms in the metanest

eggRooms: Revenue Generating Virtual Real Estate


eggRoom NFT Holders share 11% of ALL metaNest Revenues

eggRooms: A New Take
on Virtual Real Estate

Disrupting metaverse Real Estate as you know it
metaNest Virtual eggRooms:
Generate Revenue
Deliver Privileges including Early Access
Private Community & metaNest Business Participation
Private VR Hosting Privileges

Guaranteed Passive and Active Revenue Shares

Every single game session in the metaNest played is positioned in a virtual game room 
Owners of eggRoom NFTs qualify for these earnings with direct deposits to the wallet holding the NFT at the schedule Rewards Events

Gaming Streamers & TikTok Challengers Hosting

Owners of all eggRooms will be enabled to host gamers & video challenger who do not own their own virtual game room -binary bet wagering rooms with revenue share to eggRoom holders

Current & Future Form

First-phase eggRooms will include a metaNest webpage & owner profile details. Near-term plans will be to enable customisable 3D VR manifestations within and beyond the current immersive VR facility.

Community and Privilege

VGR NFT Holders have private Community Access to participate in the future business directions of the metaNest
As well as direct access to the Founding Team, VGR owners are also granted the privilege to host the VR Discussion Events in the metaNest

Early Access to Future NFB Sales

Wallets holding Virtual Game Room NFTs will have first-access rights to future NFB min events

3 Star eggRooms


Revenue Share


4 Star eggRooms


Revenue Share

5 Star eggRooms


Revenue Share


3 Star eggRooms


4 Star eggRooms


5 Star eggRooms


eggRoom Market Cap

eggRooms: Utility at a Glance

NFT FAQ: Words from the Nest on our eggRoom NFTs

tudaBirds evolve: they don’t breed like common kitties, horses and chickens: they fly above them!

tudaBirds NFTs are the driver of the metaNest’s unique, value-add NFT-integrated token economy. All tudaBirds NFTs from the Pioneer, Evolution and CBO Collections are non-fungible birds, meaning that holders will have a set of benefits including but not limited to

– use as avatars / PFPs for user profiles in the metaNest and in games and leader boards as well as in partner environments and across social media

– will hold the experience levels from the profile of the holder: in Phase 2 of the metaNest, these experience levels and capabilities will be considered part of the NFT attributes and will be passed to the purchaser of the NFT

– will provide additional bonus value including but not limited to tickets for raffles and lotteries as well as

– will entitle holders who are players of metaNest games will receive random drops of evolution assets

– will provide an increased share of winnings

– will enable early access to new games and concept development

– will allow users access to private rooms and community discussion on the direction of games and the metaNest in general

CopyRight and Ownership: All holders of Pioneer, Evolution and CBO Collection NFB NFTs are also conferred ownership of the Artwork the full Copyright of each NFB NFT.

metaNest Trivia: the tudaBirds Pioneer and Evolution Collections each consist of 9,000 unique NFTs. The number 9,000 was selected as it is, approximately, the number of bird species existing on our planet.Note: due to their different use, utility and revenue-generation properties (and because they are not birds!) metaNest Virtual Game Room real estate NFTs are not NFBs and their holders do not own the copyright to these NFTs.

Exclusive early opportunity to grab a foothold in the exclusive and very limited world of the tudaBirds virtual arena virtual where users and partners will be able to operate and promote and EARN hosting 100s of games from the tudaBirds games library … or lease their properties to other users for a share of the revenue.

This first sale will offer 250 3 -Star rooms and suites from a total real estate NFT cap of only 20,000. The scarcity of rooms protects and encourages the value of the speculative investment made.

These NFTs will be freely movable, tradeable tokens, designating the ownership of a particular property class (3, 4 and 5-star rooms with declining fee structures for the upper tiers).

Our real estate NFTs entitle holders to ‘ownership’ of a numbered, designated room in the tudaBirds metaNest. With Virtual Game Rooms, our target is to enable user-sponsored, promoted, and created games, with revenue shares and rewards.

These virtual rooms will form a considerable part of the community DeFi gaming and NFT experiences to be delivered after the phase 2 opening.

In the next phase of the metaNest, virtual game room holders will be able host, manage and promote their tournaments and streams and create private birdTris club rooms for internal competitions, private club-to-club challenges, and club-only tournaments.

Working with our team and partners, the tudaBirds metaNest will host hundreds of private and public game rooms. This advance sale will sell the only first 250 Three Star rooms from the total real estate NFT cap of only 2500. The total scarcity of rooms protects and the deep discount offered is to encourage interest and speculation of the value of the speculative investment made. 

In a rare take on Royalties as Revenue share, all tudaBirds NFTs  and NFBs have a shared 7.5% royalty fee in the contract delivered as passive revenue like so:

  • 33% of all NFT/NFB aftermarket royalties will be shared with eggRoom Holders 
  • 33% of Royalties shared with all NFT holders: passive revenues just from holding.

More Earning Opportunities for users

Our planned community of tudaBirds Crafters will be enabled to build rare, unique avatars for sale on the open market to players looking to skip ahead — and for collectors of all birds beautiful within our planned arena NFT workshops, opening a broad new way for our users to earn. 
And even more to come, such as:

Internal Direct OTC bird-to-bird Trading
User Minting of Art and non-Art NFTs