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A new DNA for virtual Real Estate


UnReal Estate NFTs

Passive Revenue Stream

Ready for Revenue Stream

Every single game session and tournament in the metaNest will be positioned in a virtual game room 
Owners qualify for earnings with direct deposits to the wallet holding the NFT at the schedule Rewards Events

Streamers & TikTok Challengers Hosting

Coming in Backbone v.2: unReal Estate NFTs will be enabled to host gamers & video challengers
Binary bet wagering rooms with revenue share to eggRoom holders

unReal Estate NFT FAQ

Exclusive early opportunity to grab a foothold in the exclusive and very limited world of the tudaBirds virtual arena virtual where users and partners will be able to operate and promote and EARN hosting 100s of games from the tudaBirds games library … or lease their properties to other users for a share of the revenue.

The scarcity of rooms protects and encourages the value of the speculative investment made.

These NFTs will be freely movable, tradeable tokens.

Unreal estate NFTs entitle holders to ‘ownership’ of a numbered, designated room in the tudaBirds metaNest. With Virtual Game Rooms, our target is to enable user-sponsored, promoted, and created games, with revenue shares and rewards.

These virtual rooms will form a considerable part of the community DeFi gaming and NFT experiences to be delivered after the phase 2 opening.

In the next phase of the metaNest, virtual game room holders will be able host, manage and promote their tournaments and streams and create private club rooms for internal competitions, private club-to-club challenges, and club-only tournaments.

Working with our team and game dev partners, the metaNest will host hundreds of private and public game rooms.

The total scarcity of rooms protects and the deep discount offered is to encourage interest and speculation of the value of the speculative investment made. 

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