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Battle200X Lobby & Help

Battle200X Lobby & Help

Earn by Inviting Friends to Play

Quick Stepper, as shown in the tutorial video above:

  1. Select Connect Wallet in the right top corner
  2. Click on the token symbol in the same place to open your metaNest Wallet
  3. You can deposit and withdraw on demand
  4. Move a little BNB and you are ready to play (only 0.01 BNB per game)

Next Step: the Play & the Timing explained

Pick a room and make a play. It’s easy – and the video above solves all.

At the bottom you can check the foldable live chart to help you set your price. The timing works like this:

  • BET TIME: the cycle when users can join to play
  • IDLE TIME: market stablilization cycle to eliminate unfair advantages: fair play for all, irrespective of when you enter

Like every game in the metaNest, the pot goes to the players, never to the nest!!

The 200X is in the name for a reason: the more players, the higher the prizes!!

three ways to earn

  1. Hold $BURD for passive earnings from $BURD revenue share
  2. Refer and promote and earn $BURD bonuses with your User ID
  3. earn 50 $BURD Bonus per player per game from the 1mn BURD bonus pot

+ beak-to-beak Fair Play… every game has a Winner(s)

a few details

Battle200X is built on the nestBet structure using secure web3 interconnections across all of our games, leader boards and bonus systems.

This is not instant play: it is a prediction game that pays as it grows.  Battle200X: beak to beak fair play competition of skill and luck with a set period of time for users to join – and an accumulated prize pot increasing each time another player joins a round.

The idle time is a fair play setting, ensuring the last players and first players are on a level playing field.

All funds held in the internal wallet are available for return to your MetaMask, Trust Wallet, TP, etc as a normal transaction, without taxes