BACKED & tudaBirds: flying together

Business Partnership Announced

(26 October 2021, Germany and Finland – for immediate release)

BACKED, the Swiss blockchain alternative investment fund and tudaBirds, an NFT and defi social gaming upstart with a different take on things, hit the sky together with their new business partnership.

The tudaBirds arena will host, in a virtual game room, a raffle and contest system enabled on behalf of a member of the BACKED security token investment portfolio, the owners of a fleet of superyachts and luxury resorts. On behalf of their clients, BACKED will manage, auction and raffle usage of, and in some cases ownership, of these luxury assets.

The BACKED Perspective:

With contests planned to start with raffling exclusive and shared usage of $30 million superyacht in early 2022, Kevin Yunai, BACKED CEO, explains the partnership: “We chose tudaBirds for a few simple reasons: the credibility and capability of the team, the flexibility of delivery in a virtual game room at the tudaBirds arena – and their suggested delivery approach to use NFTs as raffle tickets”.

Kevin continued that “this part really closed the deal… to be able to engage users by using NFTs as the raffle tickets, enabling actually trading and price escalation of the tickets before the actual draw – and leaving even those who didn’t win with a collectible in their wallet. We can provide video clips of the within the raffle ticket NFTs themselves”!

tudaBirds Eye View

CEO Daniel Steeves added that “the NFTs that are winning tickets are then also tradeable, swappable commodities themselves right up until the time of sailing. And, to extend engagement and foster interest in the tickets for trading on the way to the draw, the tudaBirds model enables BACKED to announce weekly ‘drops’ of an extra ticket to random holders”

“This partnership with BACKED is a perfect demonstration of the arena and virtual game rooms concept. BACKED will be ‘deeded’ a first-tier virtual gaming room NFT – based in a satellite website connected via the (under-development) ArenaBet APIs  with a common BSC defi crypto backbone managed by smart contracts.”

Daniel continues “we plan a library of 100s of games, retro and modern, simple and complex games, provided by ourselves, partners and our users. Games can be borrowed or leased and operated for profit within the Arena ecosystem”.

BACKED.IO is your access to fractional ownership in the worlds most promising unlisted growth companies and digital assets. A new and unique alternative investment fund – where investors do not have to know too much about digital assets and private equity to invest – enabling investors to diversify their risk and invest in optimal mixes between high performing asset classes.

With community and holder governance as critical elements of the BACKED universe, investors can be certain that, in every case of every investment, the decision has been made as a community. For the past year, the founder-funded tudaBirds team have been architecting and executing vision and version 1 of what the NFT-powered tudaBirds arena, with its user- and holder-first model, will deliver. The tudaBirds BURD token pre-sale is currently live and the NFT collection is available for sneak previews, all at

BACKED and tudaBirds, tudaMoon… and beyond


Daniel:; telegram @seveets; mobile +49 15753031635

Kevin Yunai,, +45 55271033